Film Contest: Sample Student Sessions

Direct Your Hearts Mental Health Film Contest

Sample of Working Sessions For Students

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iMovie for Beginners (15 min)

Scoring: 100

15 - Does the film include a resource?

25 - Does the film tell a story that encourages people to reach out for support when they need it and/or shows them how to support others?

15 - Does the film communicate a message that inspires the viewer to take action?

10 - Does the film consistently use person-first language, which refers to people who are living with mental health challenges as part of their full-life experience, not people who are defined by their mental health challenges?

15 - The film creatively explores this topic in a way that is positive, hopeful and educational?

10 - The film provides a clear and effective narrative (script and quality), it is easy to understand and make sense?

10 - The film creatively used colors, music, or graphics to support its main message and set a positive and hopeful tone?

0 - There is no disqualifying content? - Disqualified Content Guidelines

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