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"Lights, Camera, Change: Direct Your Hearts, Rewrite the Stigma!"

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Join us on a meaningful journey of self-expression with Direct Your Hearts, a unique contest that explores the depths of mental health through the lens of filmmaking. Discover, create, and share your own compelling 60-second film (or 30-second animation) that will provoke thought, foster understanding, and contribute to an open dialogue about mental well-being in our community.
Craft a powerful story that resonates with hearts and minds, and you could win $500 to support a mental health 501(c)(3) organization of your choice or use the money for a mental health program at your school. Your film has the potential to make a lasting impact, as it becomes a valuable resource in various programs and events across the county, encouraging conversations about mental health for all generations.
Participate in the exclusive pilot stage of Direct Your Hearts, available to students from Westfield High School, Westfield, Indiana. Take this opportunity to contribute your voice and creativity to a cause that matters. Submit your form today and be part of this transformative initiative.
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Here is a video montage of films submitted for a similar contest called Directing Change.

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